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About Us

At Scent Fill, we have developed the first and only 100% natural plug in air freshener - with ZERO weird chemicals - while maintaining long-lasting always-on fragrance.

In 2016, we recognized the convenience of plug in air fresheners for long-lasting always-on fragrance. However, plug ins come with a troubling reputation: controversial, synthetic, and potentially harmful ingredients. After realizing store-bought products had no 100% natural options, we recognized a missing gap in the marketplace, since more and more consumers are requiring natural, plant based, and responsibly harvested alternatives to their synthetic counterparts.

After extensive R&D with leading perfumers, and much trial & error, we created the first 100% Natural scented oil refills. As it turns out, developing 100% Natural plug ins that offer stable, consistent performance was much more expensive (raw materials), difficult to formulate, and complicated (at times impossible) than one might think. In addition, scent profiles of natural products have inherent limitations. Consumers were accustomed to "fantasy" scents that do not occur in nature and could not be created with natural fragrance ingredients. Despite the challenges, we have developed 17 100% Natural blends, and we remain the only 100% Natural scented oil plug in refills on the global market.

With diligence, we endeavored to build a business on the premise there is pent-up demand for superior, 100% Natural scented oil refills. Demand was quickly confirmed after our launch in January 2017, and consumer enthusiasm was palpable. We immediately discovered that many of our new and potential customers had never used, or previously stopped using, plug in air fresheners due to concerns regarding ingredients. Yet customers still longed for the convenience of always-on fragrance without harsh chemicals, candle soot, fire hazards, or frequent cleanup associated with candles, wax melts, and ionic diffusers. Three years later, we have built a loyal tribe of over 48,000 customers, and our 100% Natural products remain unmatched and unchallenged, boasting more and more orders from loyal, repeat customers, as well as a steady climb of new members joining our ever-growing movement.

As a US-based small business, our focus on creating a superior product and exceptional customer experience helps us stand out from the rest. You'll also enjoy Hassle-Free returns on every order, and free shipping with every purchase over $15.

Hassle Free Returns

We understand that fragrance preferences are personal and vary by individual, so we are flexible with returns and exchanges, with the ultimate objective of earning your repeat business. We believe in an open and honest relationship with customers, and proudly stand behind our scented oil refills. Our rapid growth is fueled by referrals and repeat customers - another testament to our quality product and customer experience.

We will always do our best to take care of our customers and make it right - our philosophy is to deal with each individual fairly and reasonably, with respect and kindness. We believe that when we treat our customers fairly, they, in turn, are fair with us.  If you are not delighted with your scented oil refills, contact us at info@ScentFill.com 

We pack your order like we care 

At Scent Fill, we take pride in the design and quality of our packaging. Using custom kraft boxes, cardboard materials, and just the right amount of tissue paper, each order is packed by our shipping team with attention to detail and pride in workmanship. While we cannot prevent all breakage after your package leaves our facility, we have spent countless hours developing and redesigning our packaging and shipping materials and methods to do our best to ensure our bottles get to you the way they were made – with love and attention!

Scent Fill® Mission:

Conveniently provide our customers with the irrefutably best in class plug in fragrance oils for their home and business.

Scent Fill® team members share common core values:

Trust, transparency, fairness, reliability, integrity, and consistency.

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100% Natural Ingredients

Scent Fill’s products are made with all natural fragrance elements. Did you know many store-bought refills contain less than 1% natural fragrance? Scent Fill is also the very first company to create a line of plug ins that are 100% all natural!

Scent Fill® refills are developed and assembled and filled in the US

We are committed to our vision --to develop a premium brand with superior ingredients. Daily encouragement, and warm feedback from our ever-growing customer base, expressing satisfaction in the foundation of our mission, the quality of our fragrances, the uniqueness of our selection, and the exceptional level of our customer service, keep us striving for greatness -- together.

Refill Compatibility

For optimal performance Scent Fill recommends the use Air Wick® Scented Oil warmers.


The convenience of a subscription option

Has your plugin refill ever been empty long before you ever noticed?

Try a convenient subscription service so you receive refills on your schedule, according to how you customize your delivery frequency. You can adjust your subscription frequency, swap out products, cancel or pause at any time. Set it and forget it.

Subscribers also receive Scent Fill promotions including 5% off your purchases, free shipping on US orders over $15, updates on new fragrances and many other incentives! Join today and save! Hey, it’s one less thing to think about. Click here for more details on setting up and managing your subscription.

Scent Fill Team About Us

  If you have any questions, we'd  love to hear from you. Please email us at info@scentfill.com or call us (866) 223-7561.

  Scentfill is not manufactured or affiliated with S.C Johnson, makers of Glade ® Plugins ® or Reckitt Benkiser Inc.makers of Air Wick ®